• Strong construction
  • Proven concept
  • Small production runs
  • Assembled with nails or screws
  • Custom sizes up to very large dimensions

Boardic Woodbox is a traditionally made box in sawn or tongue and grooved spruce that is assembled with nails or screws. We have the expertise to produce professionally made wooden boxes up to very large sizes. The boxes are most often produced for individual products with large weights and packing volumes and supplemented with product securing equipment. Approved to ISPM15 for export.


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Sustainable choices come first

Our ambition is to work sustainably, every step of the way. To achieve this, we have developed an environmental awareness in all parts of our production and create sustainable solutions to reduce environmental impact. In every decision we take, our mission is to make the best sustainable choices and continually update our environmental certifications.

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We have the format you need

At Boardic, we customise our products to satisfy your specific requirements. We also offer packaging in a number of standard sizes. This means that you have a wide range of wood packaging and wooden panels of various prices, strengths, and designs, all for a wide variety of purposes, to choose between.

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